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Didges Brew | Didgeridoo Big Beat from Berlin
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Marc Miethe | didgeridoo, yidaki (biography)

One of the true innovators of contemporary Didgeridoo Style! "Spectacular indeed"

picture of Marc Miethe - didgeridoo player, yidaki

Marc Miethe | Didgeridoos

The media lauds Marc Miethes extraordinary percussive and powerful style. His experience as a bass-player took influence on his unique artistic dimensions on the tunable trombone Didge. Miethe is always expanding the borders of the Didgeridoo. He has been playing E-Bass since 1986 and came to the Didge in 1992. In 1994 he teams up for the Berlin Didgeridoo trio Circular Breathing and records two CDs with them. He performs for Boobinga - Didge`n´Bass together with electric-Bass player Armin Metz and as a CD and tour guest with Moroccan Gnawa'n'Clubbeat project Gnawa Impulse. Teaming with flamenco-guitarist and exceptional singer Jan Tomsic, playing "cross-cultural music" with Peshkar, Dieter Irber´s Cosmic Level (Jungle-Jazz), Bauhouse (Live-House), Paradise Productions (Goa-Trance), DJ Medy Soul, theatre, circus and modern dance (Company F6). In 1999 he co-founds Cross Culture Music. The trained body-psycho-therapist is also well known as teacher for Didgeridoo lessons & workshops. "... storm of enthusiasm ... unbelievable variety ..." Bad. Zeitung, Dec. 23rd 2002

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Tayfun | percussion. didgeridoo

Nomen est Omen! A tayfun on percussion - a hurricane on the Didge!

picture of Tayfun Schulzke - percussion, didgeridoo

Tayfun Schulzke: percussion, didgeridoo

He plays a wide spectrum of percussion instruments like Conga, Djembe, Cajon, Darabuka, Udu and Tabla. Tayfun Schulzke studied african rhythms and expanded his skills to Indian Tabla (with Prof. Sankha Chatterjee / Kalkutta) and cuban Conga (Rumba with J.A. Mehnert).

Besides his studio work, TV appearances and even stage acting he can be found on several festival sites. He played Club'n'Global Groove with ethnodelic Hip-Hop, Drum`n´Bass Combo Culture Clash, is laying down the beats for Party-series respect.brazil and the concert / party legend live.demo, worked as guest for the Seeed Album "New Dubby Conquerors", winners of ECHO award and with Herbert Grönemeyer at the opening ceremony of FIFA Worldcup 2006. He accompanied Die Happy, Culcha Candela, Pushkin Boom Beat, Jan Delay, Patrice, Kurtis Blow and many more. Since 2001 he is endorser for the Pulse Percussion company. He also is one of the Cross Culture Music founders.

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Matthias Millhoff | Keys, Rhodes, Loops+Beats

From House to Electric Jazz to Ethnodelic Slow Breaks ... move!

Foto of Matthias Millhoff | Keys. Rhodes. Loops

Matthias Millhoff | Keys. Rhodes. Loops

Matthias Millhoff provides for organic sound structures as well as for furious solo escapades and harmonic basis as a Rhodes enthusiast and confessing self-taught. Forever since he is fascinated by music improvisation. With chill gmbh he contributed to several electro acoustical real time improvisations and approved his skills as sideman of Felix Wahnschaffe (sax, Das Rosa Rauschen) together with nu-jazz band "Da-Dandy". Matthias is actively involved in world music performing with RAS (sonarkollektiv) and "Hamid Baroudi" for some time. He has been on tour and contributes to concerts and CD projects e.g. with Traffic Jam (motor/polygram), Meitz (airdrops), Muhabbet, Dean Dawson, Jazzanova, Stolle & Band (Deutscher Rock- & Poppreis 2000), El Houssaine Kili (ex-Dissidenten), Da-Dandy among others together with liveDEMO featuring Ono, Brooke Russell (FK), Vanessa Mason (four-music), Ty, Beans, Amber Sunshower, Özlem, Brother Courtney, Georg Levin (sonarkollektiv) and Clara Hill ...

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Michael Dau | drums. percussion

Foto von Michael Dau | drums. percussion

Michael Dau | drums. percussion

The Groove-Gardener with BIG Beats!

Michael Dau studied Percussion and Drums in the College of Music in Arnheim with René Creemers,Joop van Erven and André Groen, and with Ibro Konate in Guinea. Thanks to his musical double qualification Michael draws perkussive patterns full in nuances on the drums and kicks the Cajon like a Drummer does. He is experienced in jazz, pop, radio and club music with Darien Ski Team, Captain Marvel or Honeymunch and teaches at the Noisy Academy in Berlin.

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guest musicians

These Guest Musicians may be added to our Line up.

Armin Metz | 6-string electric bass.

playing with Ahimsa, Talvin Singh Trio, Boobinga

"spectacular dialogs .. where ever they go they strike gold .. exotic beauty of sounds .. insider-hit.. The expectant Reggae rhythm inspires Miethe to a "Rap"-Didgeridoo-interlude - and initiates the audience to dance" (Hildesheimer Allgemeine about Boobinga - didgeridoo'n'bass, the duo of Miethe and Metz)

David Kuckhermann | percussion, frame drums, Zen-drum (electro percussion)

David Kuckhermann studied world percussion at the Music Academy in Rotterdam and since then is actively involved in different drum cultures (e.g. Latin American, Indian and Middle East percussion). He integrated live looping to his repertoire in 2001 and since then composes for dance performances of the Rotterdam Dance Academy. David is member in Wouter Swets Al Farabi Ensemble and performs as ZwischenRaum with sax player and keyboarder Holger Raddatz. He lives in Berlin since 2003 and he plays ancient music with Ensemble EST on tour, accompanied by Omar Faruk Tekbilek and Cordatum; he works as teacher e.g. at the percussion school "rhythmuswelt" in Münster as well. David's teachers were Ustad Fayaz Khan and Ted de Jong (Indian Tabla), Glen Velez (Frame Drums), Siavach Yazdanifar (Tonbak, Daf), Ramesh Shotham (South Indian Percussion), Nils Fischer (Latinpercussion), Martin Drewer (Brasilian Percussion) and Wouter Swets (Balkan Rhythms). The electronic Zen Drum provides infinite sound spectrums to him due to his distinctive dexterity.

Daniel Allen (Cuba) | trumpet ... cuban soul pushing the beat!

playing with Reggae star Patrice

Adam Chalk (NY) | key. synths.

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A different Line-Up?

According to capacity and circumstances Didges Brew offers also bigger or smaller, well functioning and rehearsed Line-Ups for events, concerts, performances or show workshops.

examples for smaler teams:
  • Didges Brew - club edition
    "didgeridoo big beat"
    Duo: Didge, DJ | Trio: Didge, Perc., DJ

  • Didges Brew - rhythm extract
    "didgeridoo & powerpercussion"
    Duo: Didge, Perc.

  • Boobinga - didge'n'bass
    Duo: Didgeridoo, electric bass

  • Marc Miethe "spectacular solo didgeridoo"
More info on demand! Ask for consultation!

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